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The way to wash your home in less than one hour

Take out the sheets and then refresh your mattress by simply blending 5 tbsp of baking Powder 5 drops of lavender oil and then sifting the mix over the bed. Leave for one hour or so afterward vacuum up once you have done every thing else.
Supply the chimney down a wipe together with all the Window Cleaning fluid and also a Micro-fibre cloth. Figure out just how to completely clean your chimney with vinegar.
Utilize the vacuum cleaner to pick up All of the dirt and dust buried in the couch's crevices. Scratches in your own leather settee? Stir a fabric in a few oil jelly and then lightly rub out the scrape. To get a fabric settee, scatter a generous sprinkling of bicarbonate of soda and then squirt it up after 1-5 minutes. It is also possible to scatter bicarbonate of soda onto the carpeting to refresh your fabric and eliminate stains: simply leave to vacuum and sit up until your guests arrive.
Return in to the kitchen to wash out the antibacterial spray from the refrigerator And wash the ice box shelves which have already been soaking. Put all the food and shelves into the ice box and then switch back the fridge on. Scrub the oven clean with a fresh sponge. Kitchen cupboard principles such as tin-foil are excellent for removing stubborn self indulgent onto the oven shelves - only divides it up to a ball and wash the dirt away.
Final measures
You are not quite done! Return throughout the chambers and also vacuum up your sprinkled Baking soda out of the rugs, vacuum afterward produce the bed with fresh linen, re-hang Sit down and Revel in a Well-earned cuppa until any customers arrive! 
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