"Don't take up a man's time talking about the smartness of you children; he wants to talk to you about the smartness of his children."

Go rest and do nothing, mama—your children will thank you

At the end of every school year, from the time I was a student into my early years of teaching, I would hide away for a few days in my home, snuggle on my couch and sleep endlessly. The end of the school year was a time to pause, rest and renew before re-entering the world. My body needed that shut down.

These days, being mom as well as teacher that period of rest is much harder to come by. But I don't need them any less. As we all well know, I probably need them more.

And recently I was really feeling it—the intense need to shut it all off, dive into myself and block out the world around me.

Everything has felt as though it was on overdrive for a while. I reached my limit. I wasn't the only one. The whole family was off, for lack of a better description.

We escaped for a weekend in the woods, to a small island in Puget Sound, where there isn't that much to do, but ample room to be. The noise turned off. My body relaxed. I slept. I napped. I could have napped some more. A lot more. I could use a very long stretch of nothing.

In a moment of quiet, I realized how essential the work of being and resting is for my family. What importance there is in learning to rest and restore, to...

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