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One baby, 3 parents: A new kind of IVF

If you ask most people, there are some immutable facts of life: The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Winter leads to spring. And babies have two biological parents.

But as the BBC reports, fertility doctors in Greece and Spain they've used genetic material from three people to conquer a mother's infertility.

The baby boy was born earlier this week to a 32-year-old mother who previously went through four unsuccessful cycles of IVF, before doctors who used an experimental form of IVF. They took genetic material out of the mother's egg, placed it into a donor egg and used sperm from the intended father. The baby has a tiny amount of DNA from the donor woman, but most of his DNA comes from his parents.

The team behind this pregnancy hopes more infertile people will become parents by using this form of IVF, but some experts suggest it should be reserved for families affected by deadly mitochondrial diseases.

Tim Child, from the University of Oxford and the medical director of The Fertility Partnership, tells the BBC: "I'm concerned that there's no proven need for the patient to have her genetic material removed from her eggs and transferred into the eggs of a donor."...

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