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What Gabrielle Union learned when her daughter went through a no nap phase

We've all been there. You've got into a rhythm with this new motherhood thing, living your life in three-hour increments and carefully planning your showers, meals and general self-care during nap time.

And then suddenly, nap time stops and you're left wondering how you're supposed to do anything when you've got a baby who won't let you put them down. This is exactly what new mom Gabrielle Union-Wade was dealing with when her daughter Kaavia James, who is almost 5 months old, fell out of her nap habit.

"Kaavia went through a phase of not napping. I was like, 'When do I shower or pee or live?' " Union-Wade says in an interview for the May issue of Parents, People reports. "So I had to get a little comfortable with her crying, which I had not been. And then I took the quickest shower of all time!"

Gabrielle Union-Wade on Instagram: “Perfect Sunday 💖🥰 @kaaviajames”

This is something so many of us can relate to. Many babies go through a phase where they don't want to be put down, regardless of how much mama needs to use the bathroom or shower.

Plenty of moms have had to dance in the shower to...

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