"Don't take up a man's time talking about the smartness of you children; he wants to talk to you about the smartness of his children."

Joanna Gaines on her surprise pregnancy:  'If you ever want to feel young again, have a baby at 40'

When Joanna and Chip Gaines announced they were expecting again, eight years after welcoming their fourth child, Fixer Upper fans were shocked. But no one was quite as surprised as Chip and Jo.

And now, Jo says that having a baby in her arms is making her feel young again as she approaches her 41st birthday.

"I kid with people, 'If you ever want to feel young again, have a baby at 40,' " she tells People. "It's brought this whole new thing for me where I'm a lot more laid-back. People joke that I'm the 'Fun Jo' now."

Instagram followers now that Jo has been embracing her fun side with some impromptu bookstore appearances for the release of her new children's book and its clear Crew inspires his mom to get silly.

Joanna Stevens Gaines on Instagram: “Dance party on aisle 3! Crew and I stopped by the @barnesandnoble in Palm Springs today and secretly signed a few books to celebrate the…”

Jo has been open about what a shock to the system a pregnancy at 40 was, getting personal in an an emotional essay for the fall issue of her magazine, Magnolia Journal.

"I truly believed I was done...And yet, after eight...

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