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This is how much the average babysitter gets paid per hour in 2019

Every parent needs a night out once in awhile. How much that babysitter will cost depends largely on what part of the country your family calls home, but new stats show that today's babysitters are making bank compared to the rates my teenage self charged (not that they don't deserve it).

According to UrbanSitter's 2019 National Childcare Rate Survey, 42% of parents spend over $10,000 a year on babysitters. The average cost of an hourly babysitter is $16.75 for one kid and nearly $19.26 for two. Back in 2017, $19 would get you coverage for three kids, and a babysitter for one was between $15 and $16, so the rates have gone up over the last two years.

No surprise, San Francisco is the most expensive major American city to hire a sitter in (at $18.75 per hour for one child) and Las Vegas is the cheapest (at just $11.63 for a single kid).

UrbanSitter on Instagram: “💰Are you paying your sitter too much or too little? Check out the average rates by city for 2019. ⬆️ Link in bio. . . . . . #childcare…”

The high cost of an evening away from home is likely why 58% of parents get a babysitter only once a month...

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